Why not the golf course? Mission Statement 

The motivation behind  San Geronimo Non Expo is to decentralize. I want to bring art to my hometown as an intervention and an act of generosity. I’m grateful to the Golf Course for sharing their space with me. Tech culture and the influence of the internet is insidious. I think art expresses meaning in relationship to it’s context. Maybe I can expand that context beyond the white cube. WHY NOT THE GOLF COURSE?


A friend of mine once told me that her parents were part of a group in the 90’s that were trying to get the Sausalito and Mill Valley school districts redrawn to help racially integrate the neighborhoods. They were unsuccessful and as far as I know nothing has improved since then. There are still some hippies out in San Geronimo Valley and people still hitchhike there. Tech culture controls a HUGE amount influence. Most business cater and are influenced by tech. I was in Chicago recently and there are still lots of old dirty buildings and I remembered how much I love that.. how much boarded up windows are like screens or ready-made paintings—behind them are walls, which are also screens. Now, new clear windows reveal wide spread capitalism everywhere, all consuming.  San Francisco is totally developed, imagination space belongs to the developers and those with investment capital who want to serve the interests and desires of consumers. Once all the space is developed, which paintings are selected and hung in those developed spaces and by whom? What do the walls look like? What is the figure/ground relationship between painting and wall? The new death of painting is the aesthetic influence of the internet. The internet has no scale.
 Ironically, physical gallery and museum spaces now mimic cyberspace.  Considering the affordability of online space you would think they would want to reify the realness of their real estate.  SFMoMA spent over half a billion to essentially turn their collection into a social media experience.
..Where is the light coming from in painting?

Yve-Alain Bois, “Painting: The Task of Mourning,” in Endgame. Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1986.


In the clubhouse of the San Geronimo golf course there is a TV and wall sconces and wallpaper. Flat works and drawings will be installed into the space.
San Geronimo valley is a place full of local artists and painters.
The golf course is beautiful and “natural” feeling and is also a very obviously intrusive and artificial resurfacing of the ground and a restructuring of nature. It is a park or recreation area, I think about genre painting and colonialism and also modernism— politicizing, influence of the bourgeois. The petit-bourgeois wanted to be like bourgeois, what are the desires of the new liberal? what will happen to art??


I have questions about audience. The massive Courbet nude dips her toe into the water.

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SYDNEY COHEN. April 15 – June 6 2017

 M. ELIZABETH BARRETT. Thursday November 16 – April 15, 2017 

MOLLY ZUCKERMAN-HARTUNG and FOX HYSEN. September 6 – October 15, 2016